Marylyn G. ’04 is Pierce Proud!

NAME: Marylyn Gainan
MAJOR: Mass Communications- Media Production

Why are you Pierce Proud?
It’s a great school with a great name. It was a perfect fit for me, just the right size. I was highly involved which helped me get a “real career job” right after I graduated. I went on several interviews for Admission Counselor jobs (I was a tour guide) and feel because of my Pierce education and working with Rick Johnstone (a legend in the Admissions world), I got interviews and all of the jobs I’ve held. Many of my best friends are from Pierce. I could just go on and on- I couldn’t have asked for a better undergrad experience. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would in a heart beat!

Of the TOP TEN REASONS to be Pierce Proud, Marylyn agreed that she is Pierce Proud because…
-I am who I am because of my time at Franklin Pierce.
-The years spent at Franklin Pierce were some of the best years of my life.
-The beautiful campus was a second home from the minute I stepped on it.
-Franklin Pierce changed me- but I also helped change it.
-I made life-long friendships while at Franklin Pierce.
-I could be myself at Franklin Pierce and was always supported both academically, but also in the everyday life.
-I was part of something bigger while at Franklin Pierce; I knew I was never alone.


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