Nicole K. ’08 is Pierce Proud!

NAME: Nicole Kedaroe
MAJOR: Arts Management

Why are you Pierce Proud?
Pierce helped me find myself. I made so many friends and so many great connections. If it wasn’t for my academic department, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to apply for graduate school.

Of the TOP TEN REASONS to be Pierce Proud, Nicole agreed that she is Pierce Proud because…
-I am who I am because of my time at Franklin Pierce.
-The years spent at Franklin Pierce were some of the best years of my life.
-The beautiful campus was a second home from the minute I stepped on it.
-Franklin Pierce changed me- but I also helped change it.
-I made life-long friendships while at Franklin Pierce.
-I had unique experiences and opportunities that changed my life while at Franklin Pierce.
-I could be myself at Franklin Pierce and was always supported both academically, but also in the everyday life.
-I was part of something bigger while at Franklin Pierce; I knew I was never alone.


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