Lebanon Winter Holiday Reception

Our last stop for the year 2013 was at Lui Lui’s in Lebanon, NH, for the Lebanon Winter Holiday Reception on December 19th! Thank you to all who came out for a night of good food and good company! We so enjoyed catching up with our alums and meeting new faces! 2014 is looking to be another great year of Pierce Proud Events, so be keep an eye out for updates on when we’ll be in your area next!

Read below to see why your peers and fellow alums are Pierce Proud!


“Wide range of people and backgrounds coming and working together.” -Corie ’16

“I’m Pierce Proud because of my professors, my fellow students, and the education I’m currently receiving.” -Kayla J. ’16


“The Physician Assistant faculty are amazing teachers and very helpful.” -Eric B. ’16

“The school is full of good people!” -Megan L.


“First in my family to go to college and did it as a mom, but I did it- and showed my kids it is never too late, and not at all impossible.” -Gege R.P. ’07


“A great school to work with; a great group of students, teachers, and staff.” -Rich C.



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