New York Pierce Proud Tour Stop

Thank you for coming

Thank you to all who attended the New York Alumni Reception at the Old Castle Pub and Restaurant on Friday, August 9, 2013! It was so wonderful to get to meet many of you for the first time- and a special thanks to our host Leanne Bowler’ 08 who was AMAZING!!!  Read more about Leanne below!

For those alumni in the New York area that we missed- keep us in mind the next time the Pierce Proud Tour comes to your area! We would love to see you!


Here are some of the reasons our NY Alumni are Pierce Proud:

The wonderful relationships I made there.” -Lloyd A. ’69

It has always been a huge part of my life.”-Helen A. ’69

I’m Pierce Proud because being in a small school gave me more opportunities and more personal attention than if I had been just a number in a much larger university.” -Jill A. ’95


I found who I was and gained confidence.” -Tara B. ’99

I am proud of the opportunities I had while there and the friendships I made.” – Judy J. ’99


“Because it exposed me to how the world was outside of my world coming from Brooklyn, NY.” – Samantha B. ’98

There is no place like it.” -Joseph G. ’00


I am proud of how many sports teams there are today- all of the great people involved, especially the women’s basketball coach- Jen Leedham.” -Heather J. ’06

And last but not least- our host, Leanne Bowler ’08!


“I am proud that staff like Christina Young try to bring everyone together because it’s lovely to meet alumni.” – Leanne B. ’08

Leanne went to Franklin Pierce because of one word- SOCCER!  Her first impression of Pierce was that it was simply picturesque.  While there, Leanne made life long friends, as she played women’s soccer and basketball, worked at facilities, and summer work with Stella’s crew.  The best part of her time at Pierce was the people she met and the experiences she got while playing and traveling with the women’s soccer team, and her best memory was making it to the final four.  Hands down, the worst part for her was losing the 2007 championship game to Tampa Bay in penalties.  After graduating, Leanne headed to NYC because of a job opportunity and family.  Over the next few years she plans to open up her own bar in NYC.  She still hangs out with her alumni friends Heather, Ann, and Tara, and she’d like to give a great big shout out to her facilities family, Big Rob, and all of the crew- and of course, the one and only Cindy! She misses you all.  Thank you Leanne for such a spectacular event in NYC!


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