Remi F. ’04 is Pierce Proud!

Remi Francour

Picture Caption: “I chose this location because we began and ended our Franklin Pierce years on the Manor Lawn. We listened to President Haggerty there and sang along with Dave Binder.  The Manor and the Manor lawn overlooking Pearly Pond are the center of campus and provide the best views.”

NAME: Remi Francoeur
MAJOR: Political Science

1. Why did you go to Franklin Pierce?
It was a small, local college that was known to do great things with a majority of students from outside NH.

2. What is your best memory from your time there?
Meeting life-long friends here and also Marlin Fitzwater, George H. W. Bush, and Andrew Card.

3.When was the last time you were on campus?
Alumni Reunion Weekend in 2012- the 50th Anniversary.

4.Do you still spend time with any alumni? If so, who?
Yes, my former roommates- Matt Cormier and Kerry Columbus. Also, Terrell Boston Smith, Tony Chavira, and Herve Fumberi.

5.Why are you Pierce Proud?
The school has and continues to help keep me in touch with my professors, especially Frank Cohen.


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