Kevin S. ’01 is Pierce Proud!

Kevin Shirvell

Name: Kevin J. Shirvell
Class Year: 2001
Major at Franklin Pierce: American Studies / Elementary Education

1)    Why did you go to Franklin Pierce?
There are so many reasons why I attended Franklin Pierce College. The first reason is because when I stepped out of the car onto campus, and looked at the beautiful campus and the people around interacting with each other, it felt like home. The second reason is that the professors gave their students attention- we were not a number. If we needed help, they were there for us. Third- I attended Franklin Pierce because I loved that the community got together and climbed Mount Monadnock each year as a community. The fourth reason goes along with the third, which is that Franklin Pierce promoted, and still promotes, being an individual, but also part of your larger community. The fifth reason why I went to Franklin Pierce is because I knew that I had developed a second family at Franklin Pierce- Students, Faculty, and Staff that would be there if I needed them to be. Lastly, the sixth reason (of many more!) is because I met the person I knew I would spend the rest of my life with on my first day at Franklin Pierce in late August of 1997.

2)    What is your best memory from your time there?
My best memory of my time at Franklin Pierce is when came back from my medical leave that I was forced to take. My professors and advisor were super supportive during my leave taking turns calling me while I was in New York to see how I was coping with my illness. The entire time I was on leave, outside forces wanted me to withdraw from Pierce. However, my Pierce Family kept telling me that if I wanted to return when healthy, I could most definitely do so. All this care and support led to a surprise party at one of my professors’ houses upon my return from my medical leave. This experience was an awesome and amazing highlight, and really made coming home to Pierce so much better than I had originally expected.

3)    When was the Last time you were on campus?
I was last on campus for the Alumni Retreat Weekend the weekend of July 19-21, 2013.  I make several trips a year up to campus when time and work allow. I have attended Reunion Weekend for many years.

4)    Do you still spend time with Alumni? If so, who?
Yes, I do spend time with alumni from time to time. Not as often as I would like, but they would prefer to not be named.

5)    Why are you Pierce Proud?
I am Pierce Proud because Franklin Pierce literally changed my life course for the better! Without Franklin Pierce and the great learning experiences I had, I would not be the person I am today. Franklin Pierce made, and continues to make, me a better individual and a bigger part of my community. My Franklin Pierce degree is displayed with much pride hanging right over my computer at home. A picture taken with me of my degree hangs over my desk at work so I can see it each and every day. Often a conversation with a colleague or friend or family member brings me back to an experience I had while at Pierce. I gained great friendships from my time at Franklin Pierce and continue many of those to this day.  Franklin Pierce was life-changing, and will forever be part of who I am until I am no longer.


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