Jenn F. ’04 is Pierce Proud!

Jenn Scott Forry

Picture Caption: Jenn Scott Forry ’04 in front of the dorms, holding a photo of time spent with her mentor Ken Ervin ’96, Director of Residential Life at FPU.

NAME: Jenn Scott Forry
MAJOR: Criminal Justice

1. Why did you go to Franklin Pierce?
The beautiful campus and small community.

2. What is your best memory from your time there?
Being a Resident Assistant and participating in the dance program.

3. When was the last time you were on campus?
June Alumni Retreat

4. Do you still spend time with any alumni? If so, who?
Yes! Erin Gokey-Kaik, Bill Kaik, Angela Graney, Heather Gaj, Diana Millet, Kellie Brasdon, and the Alumni Board.

5.Why are you Pierce Proud?
My RA experience led to my career in Residence Life. I had a great mentor in Ken Ervin.


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