Adam G. ’89 is Pierce Proud!

Adam Grill

Picture Caption: “I had many fond memories of Roach Hill.  We used it as a sledding hill. It was always good high-ground protection when the east side of campus would attach the west side during the first snow fall of the year. (West side always won!)  Roach Hill was also the site of our Annual Boozer Cup golf chipping tournament. Those were good times!”

NAME: Adam Grill
MAJOR: Theater Arts

1. Why did you go to Franklin Pierce?
I took a tour of the campus and fell in love!

2. What is your best memory from your time there?
Time at the Ravencroft Theater.

3. When was the last time you were on campus?
July Leadership Retreat 2013

4. Do you still spend time with any alumni? If so, who?
Joe Davis, Tara Shollenberger, Nikki Torday, Joyce Bastille.

5. Why are you Pierce Proud?
I had a blast all four years at Pierce. I didn’t know it then, but those times set me up for where I am today and going in the future!


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