Tara S. ’04 is Pierce Proud!

Tara Shollenberger

Picture Caption: “I picked the bubble to represent why I am Pierce Proud because I spend a
considerable amount of time there during my college experience –whether it was
for field hockey, work or my own personal working out. Additionally, it let me
interact with a wide variety of people on campus and in the community that I
otherwise would not have met. The bubble is part of my FPU experience.”

NAME: Tara Shollenberger
MAJOR: Psychology

1. Why did you go to Franklin Pierce?
To play field hockey.

2. What is your best memory from your time there?
Just one?!?! Sledding down the field hockey field at night with
glowsticks with my roommates.

3. When was the last time you were on campus?
Alumni July Retreat (7/21/13)

4. Do you still spend time with any alumni? If so, who?
Yes! My sister Amanda (Pietraszuk) Lupi and her husband, Ramo Lupi, Debbie (Jones) Norris, Pattie (Byrne) Stilphen, Mike Stilphen, Kellie (Beaudoin) Cannen, Adam Grill, Joe Davis, Nikki Torday,
Remi Francoeur, Jen Fouray, Eric Fuldbaum, Kellie Henry.

5. Why are you Pierce Proud?
Pierce gave me the opportunity to grow personally and
academically. I formed life-long friendships and great memories.
For that, I am Pierce Proud.


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